Episode 124: Angel Guidance & Your Inner Heart💖 with John Burgess

Today’s Show:

Tune into this week’s episode to hear from John Burgess, a Visionary Artist, Lightworker, Gifted Healer, and Reiki Master with over 30 years of experience.😄 John will be discussing his new book, in which he shares the inspiring messages he has received from his angel guides, specifically archangel Michael.👼 Listen in to hear how his experiences have shaped his life and how you too can use the wisdom of angels to manifest your dreams.🙏 Plus, you could be one of the lucky few to get a FREE copy of John’s book – stay tuned until the end of the episode to find out how!

Listen & Learn:
1:03 – Rebecca intros John
5:13 – John’s form of Reiki
7:00 – What people experience when they do a Reiki session with John
8:24 – Where John learned his skills
10:36 – John shares some knowledge from his book
12:30 – How John landed into this spiritual world
17:27 – John’s book & messages from his ‘god squad’
19:39 – Major events that changed John’s life & caused him to write his book
22:00 – What John means by “channeling”
24:15 – Why John chose Archangel Michael
27:15 – How to get John’s book
31:40 – Architecture & ayurvedic
34:43 – Where John learned about Vedic
36:58 – What to expect to learn from his book
38:09 – How to get John’s book for FREE
41:11 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guest:
John Burgess – Visionary Artist Lightworker, Gifted Healer, Reiki Master: (with a unique blend of shamanistic practice, yoga training, and Angelic assisted clairvoyance that touch deeply into spiritual and emotional areas of growth.) John has been practicing and studying meditation and yoga for over 40 years. John is a Reiki Master and gifted healer, employing over 30 years of experience with the integration of Reiki, Focusing, Akashic Record reading, Meridian Energy Clearing, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Michael emotional / Spiritual guidance.

Some have called his work Intuitive Alchemy. John has been trained in various Native American Ceremonial rituals and leads Sacred Indigenous Ceremony monthly in the Austin Texas area. He has been actively involved in the study and practice of Tantra, and Taoist principles of empowering the balance of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine in personal growth and embracing Sacred Sexuality in relationships.

John has been actively involved in various Men’s groups since 1984 that focus on the empowerment of personal growth and the creation of responsible and conscious intimacy in personal relationships. “ My purpose, or mission in life, is to inspire others to empower and express their own inner gifts of creativity, self-love, and fearless expression of life purpose.”

During the course of a healing session, John will use his intuition to direct the unique energies of Reiki and the assistance of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to gently guide the process of deep energetic clearing, emotional healing, and meridian energy balancing. Through the use of these subtle energies, John assists his clients to open their inner pathways for the greater expansion of heart and mind, and the creation of Sacred space inside.

John currently serves as the Director of The Community Healing Circle and is also the founder of Soaring Spirit Healing Arts in Austin Texas. If you are feeling stressed and looking for deeper inner peace, release from emotional overload, ease of physical discomfort or a new vision of purpose, I can “I can help you create new pathways for inner peace, purification of energies that no longer serve, and a new vision of your purpose!”

Phone: 512-632-2956
Email: johnburgess108@gmail.com
Website: https://agiftoflovebook.com/

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