Episode 125: Land Flipping & Investing with Pete Reese of Reelvest Properties

Today’s Show:

Join us as we sit down with Pete Reese, President of Reelvest Properties and Host of the Turning Profit Podcast.😄 In this episode, Pete will share his experience and insights on investing, land flipping, and how to successfully purchase and sell properties for profit.💰 We will also discuss the importance of research, networking, and finding🔎 the right property when it comes to flipping. Tune in to learn the ins and outs of being a successful land investor!

Listen & Learn:
1:05 – Rebecca intros Pete Reese
1:52 – How Pete got started in land flipping
4:20 – What attracted Pete to buying land vs real estate
6:25 – How Pete is finding the land he purchases
7:27 – How he list his properties after buying them
8:50 – What research to do when purchasing land
12:07 – Is there an easy way for the average person to do this research prior to buying
14:24 – Pete’s ‘Skool’ on Turning Profit website
16:27 – What states have the best value when purchasing land?
21:18 – How Pete found out he was the 31st great-grandson of King Henry II
23:00 – What Pete sends out that helps get him listings
24:50 – Why Pete looks for 10 acres or more when buying
26:16 – How Pete chooses the agents he uses to list his land
28:53 – What was Pete’s best deal ever?
30:42 – The worst deal Pete ever had?
34:20 – What are Pete’s requirements for purchasing
35:14 – Pete’s website and social media
38:48 – Pete’s final thoughts & future investing
41:02 – The best way to contact Pete
41:17 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guest:

Pete Reese – President of Reelvest Properties & Host of Turning Profit Podcast: Reelvest Properties is a land development and investment company. With nearly two decades of real estate experience as a broker and investor, Pete has successfully purchased and sold hundreds of pieces of real estate for a profit over the years for himself and on behalf of his clients. He did $3.5 Million in Revenue in 2022 with his land flipping and development business, and he’s pushing to do $10 Million in 2023. Pete’s always looking for his next deal, including his longtime dream of his own private island. Besides his professional accomplishments, Pete is a proud father to three beautiful girls, keeps up with his family by working out and enjoying a vegan diet, and is the 31st great-grandson of King Henry II.
Phone: 919-980-9220
Email: reese@turningprofit.com
Websites: https://reelvest.com/ & https://turningprofit.com/

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