Episode 126: Take Your Business To The Next Level With Business & Financial Expert Mike Ryan

Today’s Show:

Mike Ryan has a wealth of knowledge 🤯 when it comes to business and finance and with his help, small business owners can learn the tools and techniques needed to succeed. 🙌 In this episode, we will learn from Mike’s extensive knowledge of business and finance, and get an inside look at how he has helped entrepreneurs, small business owners, and high-net-worth individuals make the right decisions to succeed. 😄

Listen & Learn:
1:28 – Rebecca intros Mike Ryan
4:25 – What is the personalized client experience Mike offers?
6:38 – What are owner benefits
8:59 – What does it mean to have your business be “McDonaldized’
10:40 – What are some things business owners should be doing?
12:38 – What are some of the issues Mike has seen with business owners he helps
14:35 – Did Mike’s advice for business owners change after Covid?
17:00 – What Mike thinks are the safest markets/companies to invest in
25:00 – The Surf company that Mike Co-owns & how he got into it
27:33 – The surf device they created and what kind of data it tracks
31:26 – Does Mike help clients that haven’t started a business yet?
33:11 – Any common failures that Mike is seeing?
35:26 – Advice for those preparing to start their own business
36:50 – What is the cost of business consulting services?
40:35 – How to contact Mike
41:23 – Mike’s final thoughts
41:49 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guest:

Mike Ryan – President of MT Ryan Inc. & Founder/President of Surf One LLC: Michael has been a financial consultant for the past 31 years. MT Ryan Inc. was founded in 2005 as an Advisory Firm that specializes in working with small business owners, small company retirement plans and transition planning. In addition to nearly three decades of implementing conservative investment management strategies, Michael has a full range of experience in corporate finance, employee benefits, transition planning, mergers, and executive compensation. He has consulted with business owners on exit strategies and preparing for the sale of a business, tax strategies, and conservative asset management. He has been instrumental in the startup of several successful small businesses in Orange County, CA and has specific training and experience in the area of business mediation. Michael has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Brigham Young University – Hawaii, and is a member of the International Association of Business Mediation Consultants, IABMC.

Website: https://www.mtryaninc.com/ & https://www.surfone.com/
Phone: (949) 289-2015
Email: mike.ryan@surfone.com

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