Episode 131: Cryptocurrency & Real Estate – Investing Strategies For The Modern World

Today’s Show:

Are you interested in learning about the exciting intersection of Cryptocurrency and Real Estate?😄

Join us for a discussion on cryptocurrency🪙, real estate🏡, smart contracts, blockchain🔗, digital wallets, and NFTs! Rebecca will provide an in-depth introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as well as an overview of the real estate market. She will also cover the potential implications of using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the real estate industry, and how it can be used to facilitate transactions and investments.💰

Listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of these innovative technologies and how to use them to their advantage in the real world.🌍 This discussion is ideal for those looking to invest in either cryptocurrency or real estate, as well as anyone with an interest in learning more about these dynamic topics.🙌

Be sure to check out the “Show Extras” for today’s episode to grab your own copy of our Crypto Vocab List and Rebecca’s full PowerPoint presentation!

Listen & Learn:

1:38 – Rebecca’s introduction
4:30 – 1st team in the country to be crypto-certified
7:17 – Web 1.0 & Web 2.0 explained
11:10 – How blockchain is similar to the county recorder’s office
14:33 – Evolution of decentralized web visual
16:15 – Crypto talk – top definitions to know
19:05 – Centralized VS Decentralized
20:55 – What is the Metaverse
21:50 – Importance & types of crypto wallet
25:29 – What is fiat?
28:01 – Example of NFT gift Rebecca gave to a client
31:00 – Reasons to use crypto & blockchain & how it will transform real estate
34:10 – Rebecca intros Tracy King
38:38 – Crypto in the news
43:10 – Rebecca’s closing thoughts

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