Episode 132: Crystals Unearthed – Discovering The Magic Of Healing With Tanize Weck Kotsol

Today’s Show:

Join us on an enchanting episode🔮 as we dive into the captivating world of crystal healing with our special guest, Tanize Weck Kotsol.💎 Hailing from Brazil and now the proud owner of Crystals & Gems Gallery in beautiful Hanalei, Hawaii, Tanize brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the realm of holistic therapy.

With a background in medicine, psychiatry, and Bach Flower therapy, Tanize’s journey led her to explore the profound connection between the body, mind, and spirit.💖 As a Crystal Resonance Therapist and Crystal Healing Teacher at the esteemed Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, Tanize also offers a transformative Crystal Healing Certification course, empowering individuals to delve deeper into this remarkable field. Additionally, she conducts workshops and healing sessions, providing opportunities to learn and experience the healing power of crystals firsthand.🙌

As we delve into our conversation, Tanize will also shed light on crystals’ potential to enhance the home🏡 environment, aligning with Rebecca’s vision of building healthy, healing homes. Don’t miss this extraordinary episode as we delve into the transformative power of crystal 💎 healing and gain insight into the life and passions of Tanize Weck Kotsol.

Listen & Learn:

2:40 – Rebecca intros Tanize
5:17 – Tanize’s journey
7:43 – Tanize’s website & crystal healing certification
8:30 – Why crystals make us feel certain ways
12:00 – Crystals in the house vs on your body
15:56 – Picture of Tanize’s store
17:19 – Where Tanize gets her crystals
18:30 – Is crystal mining ethical?
19:53 – What crystals are ok to put in a homes foundation?
21:20 – The workshops Tanize offers
24:29 – Tanize’s favorite crystals
26:07 – Rebecca’s idea for healing houses using crystals
27:46 – What does charging crystals mean?
29:47 – Advice from Tanize for those wanting to get into the crystal business
32:22 – What is the most Tanize has spent on a single crystal?
35:55 – Tanize’s healing room
38:00 – Is the crystal industry growing?
40:00 – Best way to get signed up for Tanize’s workshops & healings
43:00 – Rebecca’s closing thoughts

Special Guest:

Tanize Weck Kotsol – Founder and owner of Crystals & Gems Gallery,
Crystal Resonance Therapist, Crystal Healing Teacher for the Crystal Academy Of Advanced Healing Arts:

Tanize was born in Brazil and her background holds a medical degree, a residency in Psychiatry, Bach Flower Therapist and Crystal Healing Therapy. She moved to the USA in 1994 in pursuit of exploring holistic forms of therapy. Her curiosity and desire to learn more about the body- mind- spirit connection brought her to study with Katrina Rapahell’s Crystal Academy and she developed a special passion in the fascinating field of “Crystal Healing”.
Crystal Healing is a complementary, non-invasive therapy that uses the subtle electric impulses generated and emanated by crystals and minerals (piezoelectricity). The therapy uses a laying on of crystals in the client’s body , as well as visualizations, meditations, breath work and therapeutic techniques in order to bring one into a very deep relaxation state where the source of inner wisdom and personal healing can be discovered, explored and used in one’s life for all purposes.
Tanize is also a jewelry designer and absolutely loves to make special jewelry and amulets for her clients and for her store. She travels the world looking for special minerals and crystals for her store on and Kauai her jewelry creations. In her free time she loves to surf, play tennis, hike, gardening and relax on the beaches of Kauai.

Website: https://www.crystals-gems.com/
Email: tanizeweck@gmail.com
Phone: (808) 826 9304

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