Episode 137: How to be a Successful Homebuilder with Ryan Lipchek of CBUSA

Today’s Show:

In this week’s episode, Rebecca interviews Ryan Lipchek, the VP of Sales at CBUSA.🙌 Ryan has been working in the construction industry since 1997 and has valuable experience in building, selling, costing, and managing. He has also been instrumental in helping CBUSA expand to a Top 10 💪national builder with over 750 of the best builders in the country. During their conversation, Ryan explains what CBUSA stands for and dives into the types of builders they partner with. He also walks us through how builders obtain their materials,🏗 details their experience dealing with Covid and supply chain issues, and shares which markets CBUSA is most involved in. Additionally, Ryan explains how he became part of CBUSA and talks about how suppliers can partner with them. Tune-in to learn more about Ryan & CBUSA!😄

Listen & Learn:
2:18 – Rebecca introduces Ryan
3:43 – A little bit of background on Ryan and CBUSA
6:29 – What does CBUSA stand for?
10:00 – How many markets/builders does CBUSA work with?
11:39 – What types of builders CBUSA partners with
12:26 – How to get ahold of Ryan
13:13 – How builders obtain their materials and different ways to do that
17:55 – Covid, supply chain issues, and how CBUSA was affected
23:24 – What markets is CBUSA the biggest in?
25:23 – How did Ryan become a part of CBUSA?
28:36 – How do suppliers partner with CBUSA?
29:49 – Ryan’s last words of advice for builders
31:10 – Rebecca’s final words

Special Guest: Ryan Lipchek, CBUSA VP of Sales – Ryan Lipchek has been in the construction industry since 1997. He climbed the ranks at a Top 5 national builder for 10 years gaining valuable experience building, selling, costing and managing. In his 15 years with CBUSA he has been instrumental in growing the company to the size of a Top 10 national builder with over 750 of the best builders in the country who together build over 14,000 homes per year and have an annual revenue of over 9 Billion dollars.

Ryan relates to builders, manufacturers and suppliers extremely well with his unique skill set and diverse homebuilding background over the past 26 years. He has been a part of helping companies thrive in the high times as well as coaching builders to strengthen market share while holding on tightly to profit during the recession.

Ryan is considered an expert in supply chain management, homebuilding, and leveraging purchasing power; and he has won several awards within the homebuilding industry. He speaks nationwide at conferences on improving builder’s bottom lines by streamlining purchasing behavior and implementing effective purchasing processes and systems. Ryan is responsible for national sales for CBUSA. He enjoys coaching youth sports and lives outside of Cleveland, OH with his wife and 3 kids.

Website: https://www.cbusa.us/
Email: ryan@cbusa.us

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