Episode 140: Turn Your Grass Into Cash With Lindsay Wood – The Tiny Home Lady

Today’s Show:

Join our host Rebecca Hidalgo Rains and tiny home expert Lindsay Wood aka “The Tiny Home Lady” as they dive deep into the unique world of tiny home living.🏠 In this episode Lindsay reveals what drew her to the tiny house lifestyle and why she chose to set up her own tiny home community right here in Prescott, Arizona!😄 She also shares her experience building her first tiny home as well as insights into the four types of tiny homes, payments/financing options, building standards, and the difference between tiny homes and manufactured homes. Join Lindsay’s GO TiNY! Academy to get all your questions answered about buying & building a tiny home for yourself. Discover more about sustainable, alternative, & tiny home solutions with Rebecca and Lindsay in this insightful episode.🙌

Want to see what one of Lindsay’s tiny homes looks like? Click this link: Show Extras to go on a tour of Lindsay’s Yellowstone/Denali Model with Rebecca and pictures from her visit to Lindsay’s Prescott Tiny Home Community.

Listen & Learn:
2:01 – Rebecca intros Lindsay “The Tiny Home Lady”
3:15 – Lindsay’s tiny home community in Prescott
6:15 – Lindsay’s VIP tours
7:30 – How Lindsay got into tiny homes
11:00 – Why Lindsay chose the place she did to park her tiny home
12:00 – The 4 types of tiny homes explained
13:45 – Visit Lindsay’s tiny home community
15:15 – Lindsay’s experience building her first tiny home
21:36 – Lindsay’s Go Tiny! Academy
24:05 – Building standards & zoning when it comes to tiny homes
27:15 – Payments and financing options for these tiny homes
29:45 – Difference between Lindsay’s tiny homes and a manufactured home
31:35 – How HUD came about
34:00 – How to get ahold of Lindsay
35:54 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guest:

Lindsay Wood – The Tiny Home Lady:  Lindsay is on a mission to develop 100,000 attainable sustainable Tiny Homes across the US. As a Real Estate Investor and Green MBA Lindsay believes attainable, sustainable Tiny Homes are a solution to the housing and climate crisis.

Lindsay is the creator of the GO TiNY! Academy, guiding buyers, and investors on the path to GO TiNY! She offers GO TiNY! VIP Tours at Tiny Home events so people can get answers to their Tiny Home questions. Her GO TiNY! Showcase connects innovative companies with builders and buyers looking to get the best products and services in the industry.

​Lindsay has been featured live on FOX KTVU, KUSI TV, CBS, and in articles on Business Insider, Mercury News, East Bay Times, Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, and Press Democrat among others.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TinyHomeLady/
Phone: 415-378-8398
Website: TheTinyHomeLady.com & go-tiny-academy
Email: thetinyhomelady@gmail.com

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