Episode 142: True Partnership – A talk with Mike Weaver, VP of Dealer Trade at Emser Tile

Today’s Show:

Join us as our host, Rebecca Rains sits down with Mike Weaver, the VP of Dealer Trades at Emser Tile.🤩 As the leading designer, marketer, and producer of the world’s finest tile and natural stone, we learn from Mike how Emser’s unparalleled service and dynamic selection of products help set them apart from their competitors.🙌 Mike shares with us the philosophy and culture of the company and the initiatives that have earned them multiple Best Places to Work awards.🏆 We get a look inside Mike’s career journey and how he got to his current role of VP. We also find out about Mike’s philanthropic efforts and one of his top charities to support called C.A.S.A. We round up the episode by learning about how best to get started if you want to work with Emser, and how to stay up to date with the company and its products. Remember if you can dream, Emser can build it!😄

Listen & Learn:
2:30 – Rebecca intros Mike
3:30 – What Mike does a VP of Dealer Trades
4:50 – Emser is the place to go for all your tile needs
7:38 – Emser’s company culture and why it’s ranked one of the best places to work for sales & operations
10:46 – Emser’s company story
16:10 – What Mike’s boss told him when he accepted his new title as VP
17:30 – Mike’s story and how he got to where he is today
20:32 – Where should people start when they want to work with Emser
22:40 – Emser tile is everywhere
23:58 – Emser’s social sites
24:20 – Mike’s charity – C.A.S.A.
27:15 – Mike’s final thoughts
28:58 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guest:

Mike Weaver – VP of Dealer/Trade Sales:  Mike Weaver is an accomplished professional with a distinguished career in the field of both sales and operations, currently serving as the Vice President of Sales at Emser Tile. Born in Salem, Oregon, Mike’s journey in the industry began as an Operations Manager in Reno, Nevada. Throughout his tenure with Emser Tile, Mike has navigated through a diverse range of
roles, holding a total of nine key positions within the company.

Mike plays a pivotal role in driving growth and innovation within the company. His strategic vision and passion for excellence have contributed significantly to Emser Tile’s continued success and prominence in the industry.

Known for his collaborative approach and commitment to fostering strong client relationships, Mike has earned a reputation as a respected leader and a trusted advisor in the sales arena, operations, and warehouse management. Under his guidance, Emser Tile’s sales team has thrived, achieving remarkable milestones, won countless exclusive deals and solidifying the company’s position as a market leader.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mike is admired for his philanthropic efforts, actively engaging in community initiatives, and giving back to society. With a relentless dedication to excellence and a keen eye for opportunity, Mike Weaver continues to elevate the standards of success in the sales domain while leaving a positive impact on the people and communities he serves.

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