Episode 145: Making Homeownership A Reality For All With Franco Perez

Today’s Show:

In our latest episode, Rebecca talks with Franco Perez who is highly passionate about affordable housing, particularly in California. They discuss the escalating pricing📈 of the Bay Area and how factory-built homes can be much more affordable than stick-built ones. Franco explains the myths of manufactured homes as well as how financing💰 works for these kinds of homes. He also shares his experience visiting Washington D.C. to speak about affordable housing🏡 and what drives him to help others get ahead in terms of homeownership. Lastly, Franco takes the time to explain the workings of his business, financing, and the resources viewers can access. Tune in for an in-depth look at affordable housing and the solutions Franco has created.🙌

Listen & Learn:
1:50 – Rebecca intros Franco Perez
2:35 – What makes Franco so passionate about affordable housing especially in California
5:25 – Pricing in the Bay Area of California now
8:25 – The construction element of affordable housing and factory-built homes
10:35 – Average costs of these manufactured homes vs stick built homes
12:30 – Some of the myths of manufactured homes
16:00 – How Franco helps educate others to get ahead in terms of homeownership
20:52 – Franco’s video of him speaking in Washington about affordable housing
24:36 – Franco explains his time in Washington
27:26 – How Franco’s business works
30:00 – How financing works on Franco’s homes
33:08 – Franco’s Linktree & websites
36:09 – Franco’s final thoughts
37:37 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guest:

Franco Perez – Mobile Home Expert | Affordable Housing Author | Manufactured Home Developer: Having grown up in a family with an unstable housing situation, Franco is on a mission to create affordable housing in Silicon Valley. He discovered that the Bay Area’s mobile home parks offer an abundance of underused land with great growth potential. After years of dedication to his vision, Franco has established a devoted team of like-minded individuals who believe that their positive impact equals success.

Inspired to reimagine mobile homes and expand affordable housing opportunities across the Bay Area, Franco’s talented team strives to unlock the pathway to homeownership and help families establish financial security where it might otherwise seem impossible, especially in this time of pandemic.

Beyond his drive to develop cost-effective housing, Franco also enjoys videography, showcasing some of his favorite local restaurants and local small businesses, and promoting San Jose’s unique culture to the world.

Website: https://beacons.ai/franco.tv
Phone: (408) 420-5410
Email: franco@franco.tv

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