Episode 146: Mastering Construction Technology with Zach & Charley from Buildertrend

Today’s Show:

Join Rebecca as she interviews Charley Burtwistle and Zach Wojtowicz from Buildertrend, and co-hosts of The Building Code Podcast. Through their conversation, we learn about the Buildertrend software and how it helps owners in the construction industry grow and optimize their businesses. We also talk about how Charley and Zach became the host of Buildertrend’s Podcast “The Building Code”, the “secret sauce” to their entertaining episodes, and some of their favorite past episodes. Plus we will learn more about Buildertrend University and what other services they offer their customers. Tune in for an enlightening and entertaining conversation with this dynamic duo!

Listen & Learn:

1:24 – Rebecca intros Charley & Zach
3:30 – Why Rebecca chatted with Charley’s finance Audrey
6:35 – What is Buildertrend & How Zach & Charley were chosen to host the The Building Code podcast
9:52 – The secret sauce to their podcast
12:27 – What is Buildertrend University?
18:11 – Charley’s favorite podcast episodes they have recorded
26:35 – Zach’s favorite podcast episodes they have recorded
29:15 – How Zach & Charley create such an entertaining show
34:40 – Charley’s final thoughts
35:47 – Zach’s final thoughts
38:15 – Zach’s favorite recipe
40:08 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Zach Wojtowicz – Director of Customer Success:

Zach joined Buildertrend in 2018 as a Customer Success Manager where he worked with countless Buildertrend customers to implement the Buildertrend software. He eventually moved to Onsite Consulting and traveled across North America to help customers expedite their usage of Buildertrend and improve their operations. Currently, he is a Director of Customer Success. He is an expert on Customer Success, Buildertrend, and helping construction professionals grow their businesses. Zach also serves as co-host of The Building Code, Buildertrend’s flagship podcast.

Charley Burtwistle – Director of Business Performance:

Charley Burtwistle started his career leading and building out the Data Science team at Buildertrend, a B2B SaaS company in the Construction vertical for Project Management and Estimating. Since then he has moved into a “Director of Business Performance” role where he oversees high-level company performance. He lives in Omaha with his wife, Audrey, and golden retriever, Tebow.

Website: https://buildertrend.com/
Podcast: https://buildertrend.com/podcast-category/the-building-code/
Phone: 1-888-415-7139
Email: zach.wojtowicz@buildertrend.com & charley.burtwistle@buildertrend.com

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