Episode 148: The Future of Construction is Here – A Conversation with HercuTech’s Jason Rhees & Gabby Zimmerman

Today’s Show:

Get ready for an episode that will change the way you think🤯 about modern-day construction!🏗️ Join us for an exclusive interview with CEO Jason Rhees and Marketing Director Gabby Zimmerman of HercuTech, a groundbreaking company that is shaking up the construction industry with their revolutionary product, HercuWall.💪🧱

We will dive into the world of HercuTech and learn about all the truly remarkable things they are doing today. Gabby and Jason reveal the impressive features and benefits of building with Hercuwall vs. traditional construction🏗️ and learn more about Jason’s background, and how he found his way to HercuTech. Rebecca even shares her own experience visiting HercuTech here in Phoenix and seeing their innovation in action which includes their very own training program called HercuTech University.🏫

Get ready to be blown away by the innovation and durability of HercuWall🧱 and its game-changing potential. Tune in to learn more about this revolutionary product and how you can get ahold of Hercutech to use in your next project!🙌

Listen & Learn:

1:40 – Rebecca introduces Jason & Gabby
3:20 – Rebecca talks about her visit to Hercutech
4:30 – Where Jason was working prior to Hercutech
7:04 – What is Hercuwall & why it is so revolutionary
11:00 – Why are the big-named builders not using these panels yet?
14:35 – HercuTech University & Training Center
18:00 – HercuTech’s Hampton East Rental Community
20:20 – All of the benefits of building with Hercuwall
23:28 – HercuTech In the news
23:51 – The foam HercuTech uses in their walls
26:28 – The durability of HercuTech’s foam
27:23 – How to get in contact with Hercutech
29:04 – Jason’s final thoughts
30:12 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Jason Rhees – CEO of HercuTech:

Jason has over 25 years of experience in the building materials industry in executive-level roles throughout CRH, Oldcastle Infrastructure, and Oldcastle Architectural Products Group. Oldcastle, established in 1978, has become the largest building materials company in the US. Jason was appointed CEO of HercuTech in 2019 and has a passion for building businesses, identifying value that is absolutely needed in the space, and putting world-class teams together to make it happen.

Gabby Zimmerman – Marketing Director at HercuTech:

Gabby brings a fresh, exciting perspective to the building technology space. She has a background in hospitality and made the leap to building materials when she joined HercuTech in 2021. She has a passion for marketing a product that was established to disrupt the construction industry for the better. Gabby provides HercuTech with bold and intentional marketing initiatives.

Website: https://hercutech.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOBLpZiVBux-UWEESqYYBwQ
Phone: 480-284-4535
Email: contact@hercutech.com

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