Episode 151: Why I Regret Not Investing In Solar Sooner With Taylor Russell From Capital Energy

Today’s Show:

To kick off the new year, we are thrilled to have our good friend Taylor Russel, Owner of Capital Energy☀️ – a one stop shop for all your solar needs! Taylor’s company is vertically integrated, which means they control every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for their customers. In our conversation, Taylor shares his story of why he started Capital Energy, and the importance of working with an ethical and transparent solar company, especially when it comes to solar financing.💰 He also talks about the importance of voting for SRP board members, as they play a crucial role in shaping the future of solar energy in your area!

VOTE: https://www.srpnet.com/about/governance-leadership/elections/early-voting-ballot-request-form

We will dive into the topic of net energy⚡ and how it works for consumers and utility companies. Like real estate, we believe the best time to invest in solar was yesterday – as utility costs continue to increase year over year.😩 So, if you have ever considered solar NOW may be the time to get serious about it. And with the added benefit of locking in your energy rate for the long term, it’s a win-win situation for those who choose to go solar.

Taylor also shares with us how they determine the optimal number of panels for a customer’s specific needs and the placement of these panels on a roof.🏠 But what truly sets Capital Energy apart from other solar companies are the various add-ons and services they offer, such as new HVAC units, roofs, energy efficient windows, and more!🙌

Be sure to check out Capital Energy’s website for more information on all the services they offer and to watch their educational videos that will help you better understand the world of solar energy. Don’t miss this insightful and informative episode with Taylor Russel and Capital Energy!

Listen & Learn:

0:48 – Rebecca intros Taylor Russel and his solar company Capital Energy
3:25 – Taylor explains why he started Capital Energy
5:50 – Solar financing and why it is important to work with an ethical/transparent solar company
7:48 – Why it is so IMPORTANT to vote for your SRP board members
9:25 – How net energy works in regards to consumers and the utility companies
14:10 – Similar to real estate the best time to buy solar was yesterday
16:05 – All utility companies have increased their costs year over year and why it is important to lock in your rate today – EIA.gov
17:50 – Some of the benefits Capital Energy offers
18:44 – How to decide how many panels a customer needs?
19:50 – Some of the add-ons that Capital Energy offers the other solar companies don’t
24:20 – Capital Energy’s website and all their services
26:13 – Battery storage in terms of solar energy
30:56 – How Capital Energy can help you get a new HVAC unit at the same time as solar
33:01 – The educational videos on Capital Solar’s website
34:00 – What dictates where the solar panels are placed on a roof?

Special Guests:

Taylor Russel – Co-Owner of Capital Energy

They are a locally owned and operated business in the Phoenix area. Capital Energy is one of the fastest growing residential solar companies in the state. Taylor has been in solar for 8 years and worked in the Texas, Nevada, and Arizona markets. Throughout his time in solar he has managed and overseen thousands of residential installs. In his free time he loves to play sports, travel, and spend time with his family. He has been married to his beautiful wife for 13 years and they have 4 children together. Two boys and two girls.

Phone: (801) 602-1012
Email: trussell@cptlenergy.com
Website: www.cptlenergy.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cptl_energy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cptlenergy

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