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Which Special Woman In Your Life Deserves To Feel Like A Queen? 👑

Today’s Show: Today’s episode is all about the importance of self empowerment and how something as simple as a photoshoot can truly make one’s self-worth skyrocket. We are joined in studio by Denise Nicole who is a Boudoir photographer here in Phoenix and the inspirational Veronica Barragan from the Sovereign Woman Academy. Denise has been […]

Please Let The Appraisal Come In At Value!🙏

Today’s Show: It seems like the housing market today is fickle and appraisals are everything! A bad or delayed appraisal can mean the difference of winning or losing on your dream home.😲 We are in studio today with one of our favorite lenders Tara Krieg from AmeriFrist, her CEO Eric Bowlby, and Jay Joseph Owner […]

Home Inspections – The Major Concerns To Look Out For

Today’s Show: Home Inspections are no joke and when you go to purchase a home you want to be sure whomever is doing the inspection is experienced and knowledgeable. On today’s episode we have Rob Sell who is a Pro in the Home Inspection Industry! Rob is in studio to share important information and point […]

How To Live Like The Top 1% 💸 With Daniel Blue

Today’s Show: If you’ve ever wondered how the wealthy stay wealthy and how they seem to avoid major taxes🤔 well then watch today’s show to find out! We have the inspiring Daniel Blue on to discuss how he went from being an addict and hitting rock bottom to owning his own successful business!🙌 Daniel has […]

Living Fearlessly With Fred Haywood

Today’s Show: On Today’s show we have the legendary Fred Haywood!😄 From growing up on the small tropical island of Maui🌺 to becoming a champion in the water Fred’s story is truly inspiring. Fred Haywood pioneered the sport of windsurfing🏄‍♂️, in high school won the title of fastest backstroke🏊‍♂️ in America, swam and surfed with […]

Tides Of Change Are Coming🌊

Today’s Show: The tides are changing when it comes to the real estate market! Homes seem to be sitting a little longer on the market and for the moment prices seem to have stopped rising. We have our two expert guests Joe Smith from Epic Mortgage and Anthony Penna from Lawyers Title on to discuss […]

The Stimulus Bill, Cutting Costs✂️, & Crypto Currency💸

Today’s Show: This show is a replay from one of our previous episodes but the information is still so relevant in today’s world!Tara Krieg from AmeriFirst Financial shares some ways to cut costs ✂️during these hard times & what the Stimulus Bill offers to small businesses. Amanda Sue Briggs from Lawyers Title is in studio […]