Episode 103: Grow Your Food & Your Mind🌱 With Environmental Scientist Renee Murphy

Today’s Show: Wow 🤯 talk about a fountain of information, our guest Renee Murphy is a Fashion Designer turned Environmental Scientist that is working to help essentially save our planet! 🌎 Renee currently works for Intrinsyx Environmental🌳 which is a company that is combining nature with engineered solutions for sustainable environmental remediation. They help communities and companies (including NASA!) find natural […]

Episode 103: Show Extras

Check Out Renee Murphy’s “Steps To Becoming A Self-Sufficient Gardener”. Download Here: Steps to becoming a self sufficient gardener   Can you spot Rebecca & Renee in the crowd? 😆

Episode 102 – Show Extras

Want to know more about the amazing tools Brian uses to test home health? Watch the video below!   Also be sure to check out Brian’s PowerPoint on Holistic Living here: SENERGY360   More Photos & Videos  from Brian’s model home:    

Enter To Win A $250 Gift Card To Bourbon & Bones!!😄

Here is your chance to win a nice steak dinner on us! Starts: October 1st, 2022 Ends: January 1st, 2023 Comment on Episode 101 – Market Update (on Facebook or YouTube) who’s prediction do you think is correct (Rebecca, Tara, Anthony, & Joe) and why?  https://youtu.be/vtegkUDro7M Send us an email to gratefulhearttv@gmail.com telling us you […]

Episode 101 Market Update: Is Now The Best Time To Buy??🏡Watch & Decide!

Today’s Show: Has the housing market 🏡 cooled down yet? Is there a crash looming😖 in the future?? Want to win a steak🥩 dinner on us? Watch our most recent market update to learn the answer to those questions and MORE! Our host Rebecca Hidalgo Rains is joined by expert guests Anthony Penna of Navi […]

Episode 101: Show Extras

Check out Rebecca’s notes from the show & Anthony’s PowerPoint on Mortgage Rate Predictions below! Rebecca’s Notes: Market Update 091322 Anthony’s PowerPoint: 9.12.22-PPT