Episode 149: Market Update – Prices Are Not 🙅‍♀️ Going To Drop!

Today’s Show: Join us for our latest market update🏠 with our expert guests and sponsors, Anthony Penna, Tara Krieg, Joe Smith, and special guest, James Rains, making his debut on the show!😄 Rebecca kicks off the discussion by diving right into the current state of the housing market and getting insights and predictions from our […]

Episode 146: Mastering Construction Technology with Zach & Charley from Buildertrend

Today’s Show: Join Rebecca as she interviews Charley Burtwistle and Zach Wojtowicz from Buildertrend, and co-hosts of The Building Code Podcast. Through their conversation, we learn about the Buildertrend software and how it helps owners in the construction industry grow and optimize their businesses. We also talk about how Charley and Zach became the host […]

Episode 145: Making Homeownership A Reality For All With Franco Perez

Today’s Show: In our latest episode, Rebecca talks with Franco Perez who is highly passionate about affordable housing, particularly in California. They discuss the escalating pricing📈 of the Bay Area and how factory-built homes can be much more affordable than stick-built ones. Franco explains the myths of manufactured homes as well as how financing💰 works […]

Episode 144: Creating Healthy Homes With Building Biologist George Swanson

Today’s Show: In this episode of Grateful Heart, Rebecca interviews passionate building biologist George Swanson.🏗️🧪 George dives into the specialty of building biology, identifying building materials that contain unsafe🙅 chemicals and toxins, and he shares his story of why he became a building biologist. George also reveals fascinating conversations from his research on European-made buildings […]

Episode 141: Market Update – But Is It Really A Bad Time To Buy?

Today’s Show: In our latest market update, Rebecca dives into the conversation with expert sponsors Joe Smith, Tara Krieg, and Anthony Penna to discuss the current state of the market📈 and what you should consider if you’re buying or selling in the next few months.🤔 And don’t just take our word for it, check out […]

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