Episode 135: How Scott Ward Went From Realtor To Land Developer

Today’s Show: On our latest episode of Grateful Heart Tv💖, Scott Ward of Ward Real Estate & Development shares his amazing journey and success story in the land development industry, his task of creating healthier community environments for not just our bodies but our minds🧘 as well. Scott will talk about his latest project, TerraSante—a […]

Episode 134: Bob Worsley and the New Era of Affordable Housing

Today’s Show: Join us as we interview Bob Worsley, the founder of Zennihomes,🙌 and explore how he is revolutionizing the affordable housing industry by providing sustainable, eco-friendly,🌎 and high-tech homes. Hear how Bob and his team have made affordable housing a reality, as well as his vision for the future. He will also share details […]

Episode 133: Bold Ventures – Jerome Maldonado’s Road To Success

Today’s Show: Join our host Rebecca Rains as she interviews Jerome Maldonado, a successful, self-made, entrepreneur, and learn about his inspiring journey from homelessness to establishing his own career and making millions. 💸 Through his stories, Jerome will demonstrate his incredible transformation from not even having an email account to becoming an expert in social […]

Episode 131: Cryptocurrency & Real Estate – Investing Strategies For The Modern World

Today’s Show: Are you interested in learning about the exciting intersection of Cryptocurrency and Real Estate?😄 Join us for a discussion on cryptocurrency🪙, real estate🏡, smart contracts, blockchain🔗, digital wallets, and NFTs! Rebecca will provide an in-depth introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as well as an overview of the real estate market. She will […]

Nfts In Real Estate Rebecca Hidalgo Rains – Brad Leavitt’s Aft Construction Podcast

  This week we have a cross-over episode where our host Rebecca was interviewed on Brad Leavitt’s podcast “A Finer Touch Construction or FT Podcast”.😄🏗️ They discuss the housing market🏡 and how to make affordable housing more accessible. As a managing broker, Rebecca understands the state of the market, and how it’s evolved over the […]

Episode 129: Market Update – This Is The Show Before It Goes “Nuts” Again

Today’s Show: Join us for our newest Market Update with our expert sponsors 😄 Tara Krieg, Joe Smith, and Anthony Penna, hosted by Rebecca Hidalgo Rains. We’ll be discussing all things real estate🏡, lending, and current economic trends!📈 Including the new FHA loan limits and how housing prices are on the rise once again as […]

Episode 128: Unveiling the Wisdom of Bazi with Feng Shui Master Jen Stone

Today’s Show: We are thrilled to welcome back Feng Shui Master Jen Stone to the show!😄 In this episode, Jen will be unveiling the wisdom of Bazi and giving a reading to our own Rebecca Rains. Bazi is an ancient Chinese practice that uses birth date and time to understand a person’s destiny and life […]

Episode 127: Breaking Boundaries In Real Estate With Robert Hahn

Today’s Show: We are thrilled to welcome Robert Hahn, founder and Managing Partner of 7DS Associates, onto our show! 😄 Rob has had a remarkable career, ranging from finance, corporate law, and technology to product development, media and entertainment, startups, and even professional card playing. Tune in to hear Rob’s unique insights on business issues […]

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