Episode 103: Grow Your Food & Your Mind🌱 With Environmental Scientist Renee Murphy

Today’s Show: Wow 🤯 talk about a fountain of information, our guest Renee Murphy is a Fashion Designer turned Environmental Scientist that is working to help essentially save our planet! 🌎 Renee currently works for Intrinsyx Environmental🌳 which is a company that is combining nature with engineered solutions for sustainable environmental remediation. They help communities and companies (including NASA!) find natural […]

Episode 101 Market Update: Is Now The Best Time To Buy??🏡Watch & Decide!

Today’s Show: Has the housing market 🏡 cooled down yet? Is there a crash looming😖 in the future?? Want to win a steak🥩 dinner on us? Watch our most recent market update to learn the answer to those questions and MORE! Our host Rebecca Hidalgo Rains is joined by expert guests Anthony Penna of Navi […]

Market Update 96: Predictions🏡: Who’s Got The Right Answer??🤔

Today’s Show: It’s time again for our quarterly market predictions!😄 On today’s show, we are joined by our expert guests Tara Krieg with AmerFirst Financial, Joe Smith with Epic Mortgage, Anthony Penna with Navi Title, and of course our Host Rebecca Hidalgo Rains with Berkshire Hathaway. We will be talking about the current housing market🏡, […]

Episode 95: What No One Tells You About Having Solar ☀️

Today’s Show: Do you have solar ☀️ on your home and plan to sell it soon? Then you NEED to watch today’s mini-episode to find out why selling with solar can be a headache🤕 and what to do to be prepared! We have in-studio our host Rebecca Hidalgo Rains and expert guest Tara Krieg with […]